About US

“Toolkit For FB” is a collection of automation tools for Facebook.com.

This product is not created nor endorsed by Facebook.

List of features

  • Add friends as a group member.
  • Backup your Facebook friend list.
  • Backup joined group list.
  • Backup liked page list.
  • Claim group adminship.
  • Download Facebook Videos.
  • Get public phone numbers of your facebook friends.
  • Invite your friends to an event.
  • Invite your friends to like a page.
  • Leave multiple Facebook groups.
  • Post on multiple groups ( Text only ).
  • Send messages to your friends.
  • Send Sticker To Your Friends.
  • Suggest your friend to add another friend.
  • Unfollow multiple facebook friends.
  • Unfollow multiple Facebook groups.
  • Unfollow multiple Facebook pages.
  • Unfriend multiple facebook friends.
  • Unlike multiple Facebook pages
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