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How to backup joined Facebook group list

Backup joined group list

Purpose of “Backup joined group list” tool

This tool will allow you to create a backup of your Facebook joined group list.

How to use “Backup joined group list” tool

Follow these steps to use this tool :

  • Click on Toolkit For FB Chrome Extension icon, this will open a new popup.
  • After that click on correct button to start “Backup joined group list” tool.
  • After this, a new window will be opened and tool will be displayed on page.
  • This tool will automatically show you, your Facebook group list.
  • Click on “Export to JSON” button.
  • After that it will create a new popup with contents of JSON file.
  • Copy this content and paste it into a file_name.json file and save it on your disk using a text editor.
  • After it is saved it can be read by any JSON parser.

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