How to cancel all pending friend requests on Facebook

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Purpose of “Cancel all pending friend requests” tool

This tool will allow you to cancel all pending friend requests by manually clicking all “Undo” buttons that are visible on your screen.

Features of this tool

  • Supports specifying a custom delay time between clicks.
  • Allows you to specify if you want to auto-scroll down the page or not.

How to use this tool

Follow these steps to use this tool :

  • You can activate this tool by clicking right and it will open “Context Menu”.
  • Then select “Cancel pending friend request” to start the tool.
    Cancel pending friend requests popup menu

  • Alternatively you can follow following steps.

  • Click on Toolkit For FB Chrome Extension , this will open a new popup.
    Cancel pending friend requests popup menu

  • After that click on “Start Tool” button to start “Cancel all pending friend requests” tool.

  • After this, a new window will be opened with a new tool frame added on page.

  • Enter a custom delay time between clicking “Undo” buttons.

  • Click on “Undo All” button to start the process of removing pending friend requests.
    Cancel pending friend requests click undo

    We hope you have found this guide useful!
    If you found this confusing then feel free to comment below and our support staff will assist you.
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