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How to claim group adminship

Facebook claim as group admin

Facebook has a not well noticed feature that allows group members to become an admin when group has no admin.

This tool will automate the process of using this feature to make you admin of groups that have no admin.

Purpose of “Claim group adminship” tool

Some facebook groups have no admins. Claim as group admin tool searches for groups with no admin and allows you to become admin of these groups.

  • You can’t become admin of groups that already have an admin.
  • “Claim group adminship” tool works if you are a member of many facebook groups.
  • “Claim group adminship” tool makes you an admin of the Facebook groups that have no admin.

There’s no direct way to find out what groups have no admin, so this tool sends requests to become admin for every group joined by you.

The process may take a while depending on the number of groups joined by you. Please be patient while requests are being sent.

Features of “Claim group adminship” tool

  • Allows you to set a custom delay time between requests.
  • Allows you to select or un-select groups that want to attempt to claim.
  • Provides an event log to show you what groups are claimed.

How to use “Claim group adminship” tool

Follow these steps to use this tool :

  • Click on Toolkit For FB Chrome Extension icon, this will open a new popup.
  • After that click on correct button to start “Claim group adminship” tool.
  • After this, a new window will be opened and tool will be displayed on page.
  • You are required to select a delay time between sending of each request.
  • After you have set a delay time, you need to select what groups you want to attempt to claim.
  • After that click on “Start Claiming” button to start to attempt to claim adminship of facebook groups.
  • Event log will show you information, error or success messages regarding various requests that are being sent.
  • To clear event log, use “Clear Event Log” button.

Why claim as group admin does not work for some groups with no admin?

If an admin of a Facebook group has a temporarily deactivated account then it is not displayed in the list of current group admins. In this situation, group adminship can not be claimed.

We hope you have found this guide useful!
If you found this confusing then feel free to comment below and our support staff will assist you. If you want to report a bug or want a new feature to be implemented then navigate to report a bug page.
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