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How to click all add friend buttons on Facebook

Send multiple facebook friend requests.

Purpose of “Click All Add Friend Buttons” tool

This tool will help to send friend requests to multiple people to add new friends.

Features of “Click All Add Friend Buttons” tool

  • Supports execution of tool on custom URL. Before tool starts, you will be asked to enter a path name.
  • Supports specifying a custom delay time between requests.
  • Supports more than one algorithm for finding and clicking add friend buttons.

Click all add friend buttons with a delay time

How to use

Follow these steps to use this tool :

  • Click on Toolkit For FB Chrome Extension, this will open a new popup.
  • After that click on correct button to start “Click All Add Friend Buttons” tool.
  • You will be asked enter a custom path name, this path name will be used to create a new tab and for specifying on what URL you want to execute this tool. You can execute this tool on any location that displays add friend buttons. Then click on submit button.
  • After this, a new window will be opened with a new frame added on page.
  • Enter a custom delay time.
  • Click on submit button, try different algorithms to see which one works best.

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